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Read write Inc

Today I would like you to practise your letter sounds whilst continuing with formation from yesterday.

Try making large flashcards and practise them at different times throughout the day.

This activity will continue for the rest of the week or until you feel your child is confident.

Remember try to make it as fun as possible.

This week please concentrate on the letters m a s d t

If your child is confident with these sounds I will be in touch with the next set.



Today I would like you to practise forming your numbers. Below are some rhymes to help you remember how to write them correctly. Remember to make it fun and use lots of different writing




Thank you all for working hard this week. I hope everyone is fit and well.

I would like to end the week with a nice family activity.

Special object:

As a family, each find an object or possession in your home that is special to you and think about what makes it important to you. Share together.

Have a lovely weekend smiley