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Read write Inc

Today I would like you to practise your letter sounds whilst continuing with formation from yesterday.

Try making large flashcards and practise them at different times throughout the day.

This activity will continue for the rest of the week or until you feel your child is confident.

Remember try to make it as fun as possible.

This week please concentrate on the letters m a s d t

If your child is confident with these sounds I will be in touch with the next set.



Using old magazines or catalogues cut out lots of pictures. Divide a piece of paper into two and stick the pictures under the headings big and small. If confident you could also introduce medium.


Read the story Whatever next! Try and re-tell the story to your family, you could also re-tell together. Next I would like you to sequence the story into three. Write beginning, middle and end on a piece of paper and draw pictures into each box. Similar to below.