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Read write Inc

This week I would like us to continue practising letter sounds and letter formation.

Please continue with    m a s d t     mad   at   dad   sad   mat   sat

If you feel your child is confident on the first set of sounds and is able to blend the words confidently you can move on to    i n p o g     in  on  it  an  and  pin

Remember to try and make this fun and try practising for short sessions a few times a day rather than long periods.

In school we support our sessions by playing matching games, letter hunts, matching letters to objects and thinking of as many words as we can with each letter. We also use a variety of writing materials to practise formation, e.g. chalk, paint, sand, water.



Hopefully the weather will be nice today. I would like you to continue practising making sets of objects. Go into the garden and use natural resources, e.g leaves, sticks, stones.

Think about the sets you made yesterday and challenge yourself to make a bigger set.

If you have chalk you could attempt to write the number too.





Snow White was very kind to the dwarfs. She would cook, clean and look after the house while the dwarfs were at work. Think of something you could do to help your mam and dad. Maybe tidy your bedroom, help cook tea, dust the living room, peg out the washing.

Spend some time today doing these jobs. I am looking forward to hearing how you helped.