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Welcome to Dosbarth Derw.

Mrs Westcott is our teacher for our final year at Oaklands Primary School. We are all looking forward to sharing our exciting projects with you.  We have our own class Twitter account. You can follow us on:






Autumn Term Topic - Heroes and Villains




Our topic for the Autumn Term is 'Heroes and Villains'. It is an interesting topic and we are looking forward to studying the following:

* What makes someone a Hero? Villain?

* Martin Luther King/Rosa Parks

* Oskar Schindler / Adolf Hitler

* The Suffragettes

* Heroes/villains from myths and literature eg. Medusa, Robin Hood, Harry Potter.

* Modern day Heroes








This term, we are participating in the Shakespeare for Schools Festival. The children will be studying and performing the play 'Romeo and Juliet' in the Gwyn Hall Theatre, Neath (Wednesday November 21st). The play has been abridged for Junior school children but they will still be studying and using Shakespearean language. We are looking forward to starting this project and making our Venetian masks, for the Ball scene.


This term we will be focusing on: All areas of number: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, converting measurements of weight and length, introducing algebra, fractions/ decimals/percentages and 12/24hr clock.

Alongside this, the children will carry out a problem solving activity every fortnight and continue with their weekly CLIC sessions and Big Maths tests.

There will be a times table test every Friday.



Active Learn

The children have been given usernames and passwords for their account on the active learn website. It is a great resource that helps them to revise and practice their maths skills that have been taught in class.

The aim is that they play different Maths games and earn themselves rewards. The games will be differentiated and set at your child's level. Could you please encourage your child to play these games on a regular basis.



Our Science topic this term is Forces. We will be looking at propulsion, gravity, friction, air resistance and upthrust. We will :

* Find out the effect different forces have on objects

* Prove that certain forces exist.

 * Measure forces and their impact.  

We hope to carry out many investigations and will be encouraging the children to become more independent when planning and carrying out their experiments.




Important information


P.E. - Please could you ensure that your child brings a suitable P.E. Kit to school (shorts, t-shirt and a pair of trainers in a bag). It would also be useful to check that your child is not wearing any jewellery on this day. Thank you



Dinner Money is £2.50 per day or £12.50 a week. Could your child please bring their money in an envelope, clearly marked with their name. Thank you.



The children will continue to have recorder lessons. The school will provide recorders but your child may bring their own, should they wish to do so. 



Spelling Test - The children will be given a spelling list on a Friday to learn at home (based on a spelling 'sound' that we will be working on in class the following week). They will be tested on the sound the following Friday.

Times Tables Test - The children will be working on a different table each week and they will be tested on that particular table on a Friday. Could you please encourage your child to learn all of their multiplication tables. 


Homework- will be given out on a Friday and is to be returned the following Friday. You are more than welcome to sit with your child and help them/discuss their homework. Part of their homework, will also involve logging on to the activelearn website and accessing Maths homework that has been set for them. If any of the children have trouble in logging on, then please let me know. Any child who does not have access to the internet at home, will be more than welcome to use the school computers.


Reading books will be changed every Friday.


A piece of fruit from the tuck trolley costs 20p-30p


           Image result for cartoon CHILD HOLDING COINS                  Image result for cartoon child doing P.E.