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Read the story above and discuss with an adult what is happening in the story. Answer these questions: 


1. Where did the children tell their story? 

2. Find and copy the word that tells you Billy moved quietly through the forest.

3. What does "tangled up trees" tell you about the way the trees looked? 

4. What did Billy say the Goblins did? 

5. How had Millie lost her shoes? 

6. What animals did she say she rode on? 

7. What is Suki telling everyone she isn't scared of? 

8. Find and copy one word that tells you how the dragon moved? 

9. Where did the dragon go to eat the mints? 

10. Did he like the mints? Why do you think this? 

11. Why did Billy cup his hands? 

12. How did Tim feel at the end of the story?

13. How has this changed since the beginning of the story? 

14. Who do you think is telling the truth? 



Use real coins/notes to make these amounts: