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A synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word. Example,  synonyms of cried are howled, wailed, whimpered, blubbered etc. When we are writing we often use the word "said". Can you think of a list of synonyms for the word "said" to make your writing more interesting? Create a poster with these words to help you remember them. 


We measure length in cm (small amounts) and m (bigger amounts). We use a ruler to measure in cm. When we measure we start on 0 cm and look at the number our object ends on. This is how many cm's it is. 



In this example the pencil is 14 cm.

Use a ruler to measure some things from around your house eg, fork, book, TV remote etc. Get an adult to check if you are right. 


As you know, Thursday has become the night where we all go outside and join together to clap and make some noise for the brave heroes of our NHS. The aim is to make lots of noise in order to show them we appreciate all they are doing for us. So today I would like you to make a musical instrument to bang, tap, blow etc. Take this instrument outside with you when you go out to clap, and make as much noise with it as possible!