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Tuesday 7th July

Hope all went ok yesterday. Just remember do what you can 😊


As we have read The Hodgeheg I have found some information about hedghogs. So can you read the information and then answer the questions.




Using the information sheet can you answer the questions about the shapes on the sheet below. Begin by numbering your shapes, going across the page.




Can you discuss these questions with an adult....

1. Can you name the shapes? This may involve counting the sides.

2. Have the shapes got any right angles in them? Can you remember what a right angle is?

3. Which shape has three angles?

4. How many angles have the rest of the shapes got? Remember it’s like counting the corners.

5. Which shapes contains parallel lines?

6. Which shape contains perpendicular lines? We can turn our shapes around, but perpendicular and parallel lines are the same whatever way round they are.

There is another feature of 2D shapes we haven’t explored and that is symmetry— can you remember

7. what does symmetry means? (in your own words)


If a shape has symmetry it means that both halves are identical, a mirror image of each other. Show that if you place a mirror along a line of symmetry, what you see in the mirror should be the same as what you see if you look over the top of the mirror



This week we are going to be completing a book all about first aid. It’s got lots of very useful information all about keeping safe. Here are the next two pages.