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Bore da pawb 😊

Tuesday 5th May

Hope all went ok yesterday. Just remember do what you can 😊




Below is a link to some photographs about how World War 2 effected children. Read through the information and study the photographs. Then I want you to answer the question in a paragraph.


How was life different for children during World War 2?



Today we are going to have a look at food rationing. What else can you find out about food rationing?


During the rationing some people came up with some ……imaginative recipes. Can you find some unsual ones…. Here are some I found vinegar cake and carrot jam!!!!!


Below is a chart for what every adult and child is allowed to eat each week.

Can you answer the questions on the quiz below… can write down sums for each one to help you.




3 pints of milk             8oz   Sugar           


2oz  Tea                      2oz   Butter


4oz Margarine             3oz Lard               


3oz Cheese                  4oz Bacon


Meat. To the value of 1s. 2d. (6p today)


2oz Sweets                 2oz Jam                 1 Egg



*A child’s ration was exactly ½ the adult’s ration



Conversion Chart:


1 pound (1lb) = 453g                  


1 ounce (1 oz) = 28g               


1 pint = 568ml



Can you think of your own questions about food rations?



During the war parachutes were used by paratroopers to land in other countries, secretly. Can you design and make your own parachute using materials from around your home. Time how long it takes for your parachute to fall to the floor.  Here are some ideas to help you.