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Language: Connectives are special words that join sentences together. Can you write 3 sentences for each of these connectives 1. because. 2. so 3. if? Here is an example, I feel sad because I miss my nanny. 
MATHS: Put coins into some sort of pot and get your child to total the amount in each pot. Use similar amounts to yesterday. The example shows cents (but was a nice example of how to do it), obviously you will use pounds and pence. 
Topic: You are living through history at the moment. In about a hundred years time, children will be learning about the Coronavirus pandemic and wondering what it was like to be alive at that time. Your topic work for the rest of this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) will be to keep a daily diary. Remember to include detail about how you feel, and key features of daily life (daily walk, see rainbows in windows, weekly clap for the NHS, not seeing family, how you communicate with family, how you learn now etc).