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Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

This week we are going to be spending all week on activities based around VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). On Friday 8th May we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, when the war ended. The comprehension today will tell us all about it.




Any problems with passwords, work etc please do not hesitate to contact me on

This is still new for all of us and we are all learning. So just have a go and do your best 😊


Monday 4th May


Spelling words

Please put these words into sentences, using correct punctuation (capital letters to start a sentence, for names and places etc full stops, ask questions using a question mark? you could use speech marks with ‘’ …’’ said ____ )

Group 1- took  book  cook  hard  star  part

Group 2- hut  shut  nut  cut  gut  rut

Group  3- fire  hire  wire  bonfire  inspire  conspire

Group 4- Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday

Group 5- instruction  construction  structure united  university


(Remember to learn the words for a test at home on Thursday this week, as it is a bank holiday on Friday)


VE Day (comprehension)

Today we are going to read some information all about VE Day.

We will learn about

     -What is VE Day?

     -How did it happen?

     -How we heard the news?

     -What effects the war had on Britain?

     -How we celebrated?


Once you have read the information, a few times.

Please answer the questions below.




This week we are going to be celebrating V.E. Day. I would like you to make some bunting. Colour in the bunting using the colours of the union jack flag-red, white and blue. Take some pictures of your coloured in bunting. Below is a template you could use.