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Great work these last few months Hari. Hope you have a lovely summer.
Thank you Emilio and Luca for sending us your lovely work over the last few months. Have a wonderful summer.
Happy holidays Hari.
Super shape work Emilio.
Thank you Luca for sending the photo of your octopus.
Hari that’s great!
Lots of fabulous craft this week Jesse.
Great dedication Emilio.
Excellent effort Olivia. Well done.
Magnificent octopus Eva Grace!
You have been working so hard Seren. Great effort.
That’s a great periscope Hari. Thanks for sending the photos.
You have been extremely busy Luca!
What a cheeky monkey you have drawn Hari. Great to see all your work this week.
Great activities again this week Jesse! 
Oh my goodness Luca your dinosaurs are fantastic!
 Hari you have done really well with that activity. Looks beautiful.
You have been really creative Lucy. Good RWI, language and maths work as well.
Wow Luca! That dinosaur picnic looks amazing. 
You must have been practising Emilio. Well done.
You have done that really well Luca.
Great facts Hari. You seem to be enjoying that task.
Mega maths Iestyn.
Really proud of you Seren for working so hard!
You have been super busy Jack! Big thumbs up to you.
You have done very well Emilio.
Great number work Luca.
Well done Jenson practising your reading.
Well done Luca keep practising. 
Thanks for sharing your work Luca.
Great work you have done this week Piper.
Goodness Aalayah you have been so busy and you have seen lots of lovely birds!
Terrific work Jesse.
What a beautiful flower Luca.
You are working so hard Seren!
You should be proud of your lovely work Hari.
Great odd and even work again Emilio.
Hope you are enjoying these activities Lucy. Lovely work.
Super sorting Emilio!
Lots of lovely food on your list Luca.
You have done lots of great work this week Lucy. Bendigedig!
Looks like you had fun Luca!
Thank you for sharing your hard work Amelia.
Keep working hard Emilio. Da iawn.
Wonderful work Jesse.
Amazing sponge Lucy. Looks delicious!
Great effort Seren!
Fab facts Hari.

Marvellous measuring Hari.


Congratulations Seren for your gymnastics award. Thanks for sharing your work.
Nice going Lucy. Keep up the good work.
Two thumbs up to you Seren!
That’s incredible Rosie and Leo.
You should be proud of all your hard work Lucy!
A great effort Grace.
Marvellous maths Emilio.
High five Jesse for all your hard work!
Excellent effort Olivia.
Nice going Charlie!
Marvellous work Adeline.
Super duper work Piper!
Awesome Joey!
What a great effort Lucy.
Super job Riley.
Excellent effort Aalayah.
Terrific work Hari.
Amazing effort Emilio!
A job well done Seren. Great secret code work.
Beautiful painting Hari. Thanks for the photos.
Fantastic activities Luca. You have been so busy. Love the dinosaur welsh cakes.
Great gardening Sam and Jess. Lovely to see you enjoying yourself outside.
What beautiful work Rosie and Leo. You have been super busy!
Da iawn  Seren.
Great to see your work Grace. 
Well done Emilio trying to write on the lines. 
Great to see your lovely work Eva Grace. Thanks for the photos.
Yummy! Those sandwiches look delicious Aaron.
Thanks for sharing your photos Eliza. You have been busy in your garden.
Great ordering Luca.
You have green fingers Seren!
Goodness Evie you have been so busy. Da iawn.
You really look as if you have enjoyed your activities this week Jesse.

Keep doing your best Seren.


Congratulations Leo and Rosie. Collen pupils of the week.
Fabulous Gruffalo work Piper. Your biscuits look delicious.
Thank you for sharing all your hard work Tracy.
Oh my goodness that looks so complicated Lucy. Sure you had fun putting that together.
Lovely to see all your hard work Seren. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.
Adeline your biscuits look scrumptious. 
Keep up the good work Riley.
Luca those Gruffalo cakes look yummy!
Well done completing your work today Riley.
Hope your sunflower will grow really tall Emilio.
Super cool glasses Hari!
Stunning sunflowers Rosie and Leo.
Great number work Jaycob.
Fingers crossed you will grow some really tall sunflowers Riley and Logan.
So nice to hear from you Lucy. You have been keeping yourself really busy. Well done.
Let’s hope we can go to Tenby soon Hari!
A lovely money tree Emilio!.
Thanks for sharing your good work Riley.
Thanks for showing us your great maths work Iestyn.
Love your awesome caterpillar Aaron.
Wonderful work going on in your house Lauren! Thanks for sending your photographs.
You have been super busy Tracy.
What a fantastic bug hotel Scarlett.
Great work Aalayah.
So pleased to see your lovely work Leo and Rosie.
Thank you for the lovely photo Nyla.You look like a real chef!
Amazing work Jesse. A fun filled busy week!
Lovely sound and number work Luca.
You have been very busy Piper. Hope you had lots of visitors to your bug hotel!
Thank you for sharing your work Emilio.
Such a pretty bird house Millie Mae. Thanks for the photo.
Let’s hope we see each other soon Hari.
Good to see your egg has grown some hair Jack.
Lots of good work Rosie and Leo.
Keep working hard Riley. Good to see you are keeping busy.
So nice to see what you have been doing Alice. Thanks for the photos.
Keep working hard Emilio. Nice to see your work.
Beautiful caterpillar Luca.
Lovely number work Evie. Thanks for the photo. 
Thank you Aaron for showing us how busy you have been.
Leo and Rosie thank you for sending me your lovely photos. You have been really busy well done.
Awesome pirate ship Hari!
Keep working hard Riley. Lovely photos.
Lovely work that Joey has been doing over the last week.
Keep up the good work Oliver.
A little Masterchef! Food looks delicious Charlie.
Keep working hard Emilio!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks activities Piper. Thanks for the photos.

Thanks for your great photos this week Jesse.
You look as if you enjoyed your tasks this week Aalayah.
Thank you Riley for showing us how hard you have worked this week.
A super shape rocket Luca!
Beautiful colourful t-shirts Rosie and Leo.
Great work Emilio and Luca. Thanks for sending the photos.
Beautiful colouring Fraser! 
A beautiful t-shirt Noah thank you for sharing the photos.
A future scientist in the making! Well done Hari!
Da iawn Emilio.
Fabulous binoculars boys!
Well done Rosie and Leo. Lovely work.
You have worked really hard Evie.
Great video Olivia showing us how important it is to wash our hands.


Still image for this video
Wow Seren you have been really busy! Well done.
Can’t wait to see them when the cress has grown.
Lovely work Jack!
Looks like you’re having lots of fun Jake!
Thank you for sharing the photo of this beautiful tree. Well done Luca!

Reaching for the Stars at Oaklands

Still image for this video
I wonderful positive video from children at Oaklands Primary School.
Please stay home, stay safe we will see you all soon.

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