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Learn the sound, practise blending the word. 

Remember if you need to reinforce last weeks sounds please continue with those.

I have also added a few red words. These are tricky words which you cannot sound out and blend. They are words you have to learn to read and spell.

Group 1  c k u b           -    bin cat cot can kit mud up cup bad back kick lock
Group 2       r j v y w        -     run rat jog jet jam yap yes yum web win wish sock                                             
Group 3  th                  -    thin thick this that think


Red words -  I   the   of   he

                     my you no said


Below is a chart showing the rhyme for each letter. This will help with letter formation. Try and practise letter formation daily concentrating on the letters and words from your group. Remember there are lots for different ways to practise, e.g. pencils, pens, chalk, paint, sand, water.



Continue to practise the practical addition. Have a go of the work below.


If your child is confident on the above work make a new list for them to practise.




Today I would like you to make an invitation inviting a friend or family member to tea.

Remember you need to write your friend or family members name, where the tea will be, the date and the time. Also remember to put your name at the bottom so they know who it is from.