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Imagine you have a new penfriend. This person has never met you. You need to write a description of yourself to describe what you are like. Introduce yourself and say a little bit about yourself. Describe how you look and your likes and dislikes. Describe your hobbies and interests and how you act. Remember to write in sentences.  


This week we have worked on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers to another 2 digit number. We have focussed on the processes involved each day in stages and focussed on addition and subtraction separately. Today I want you to consolidate what you have learnt by practising a mixture of addition and subtraction questions. Don't forget to concentrate on the sign used and think about whether you are counting on or back. 

1. 58+32

2. 55+43

3. 93-52

4. 73+14

5. 86-32

6. 41-28

7. 64+26

8. 93-34

9. 136-22

10. 148+ 53