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Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great week off. Each day I will be posting some work for us all to have a go at, mostly English and Maths and two challenges to try throughout the week. Please just do what you can either on hwb (word document) or on paper.

Any problems please do not hesitate to contact me on

Remember we are all learning as we go along. So just have a go 😊


Monday 1st June


This term we are going to be reading 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King-Smith. The book is available to read on the link below (I have borrowed it from the online library for 10 day)

Spelling words

Please put these words into sentences, using correct punctuation (capital letters to start a sentence, for names and places etc full stops, ask questions using a question mark ? you could use speech marks with ‘’ …’’ said ____ )

Group 1-  pool  moon  food  fool  boom  mood

Group 2-  can  ran  fan  than  man  van

Group  3-  chew  new  blew  flew  drew  grew

Group 4- (sh sound) chef  machine  chalet chute

Group 5- suppress  express repress  prevent  adventure  eventful

 (Remember to learn the words for a test at home on Friday)



This week we are continuing looking at multiplication and dividing.(if you need to look back at the previous weeks work it gives more examples on the grid method for you) 

Remember to double the tens number and then the unit number.

Eg 1.  5 2 x 2 =               T  U

                                        5   2



Double the units  2 x 2 = 4   then double the tens   5 0 x 2 = 100 (remember its 50 and not just 5)

Add then together 4 + 100 = 104




Let’s have a competition in Dosbarth Gwern.

Make a balloon rocket, and then measure how far your balloon travels. Let me know, and we’ll see who’s travelled the furthest.