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Learn the sound, practise blending the word. 

Remember if you need to reinforce last weeks sounds please continue with those.

I have also added a few red words. These are tricky words which you cannot sound out and blend. They are words you have to learn to read and spell.

Group 1          f e l h sh         -       met set fan fun lip had shop
Group 2          th z ch qu x    -      thin  this zip chop quiz quit fox six                              
Group 3      ay                    -      day play say may tray


Red words -    I   the   of   he

                       my you no said

Continue to practise these red words. If your child is confident reading these words please let me know.


Below is a chart showing the rhyme for each letter. This will help with letter formation. Try and practise letter formation daily concentrating on the letters and words from your group. Remember there are lots for different ways to practise, e.g. pencils, pens, chalk, paint, sand, water.


Write numbers 1-10 on pieces of paper. Pick a number and use pennies to make a set of that number.




If you are confident making sets with 1p try using 1p coins and also 2p coins.


In the story, "Tabby McTat"  Tabby is faced with a variety of different situations. Talk about how he would have felt in all these situations. E.g. How would he feel when he was lost? How do you think he felt when he found Fred again?

Explain to your child the importance of always talking about how we feel.


Have a go making a guitar just like Fred played.



Don't forget to show me your work.