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Dosbarth Llwyfen

Bluebirds From Home Festival


Bore da Dosbarth Llwyfen! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.


This week, your tasks will look a little different. Read through the booklets provided by Cardiff City (Wales's 2nd Best football teamwink) to find out more!


I will available on Microsoft Teams to help with anything that you need help with. If you still have spare time and want to continue developing your skills; everyone has activities to complete on activelearn and giglets; you could choose 10 of the most challenging words from the Spelling Lists so far to practice and there are lessons uploaded daily onto the BBC Bitesize website!


Don't forget to upload your learning, photos and videos here if possible, as well as 'posting' them to @oaklandsprimary and @CCFC_Foundation. 


Wednesday 20th May 2020


This Wednesday we will be holding a sports festival with a difference!  With us all being at home and away from school at the moment, it has been more difficult than usual to get active.  The Joy of Moving Festival is aimed at getting us all active and having fun along the way.  Have a read of the pack and join in the fun with your family this Wednesday 20th May. 


We would love to see some pictures of you taking part, send them to the class's Microsoft Teams page or e mail them to the usual school e mail address at


As well as physical activity, there are lots extra things you can do, such as completing word searches, designing posters and creating a workout timetable, there is even a competition where you can earn our school £500 of equipment!


You can use the suggested timetable in the pack as guidance to help plan your afternoon.  We will aim to start at 1pm with activities going through until 4pm. However, you can flex your start and end times to fully suit your family.


Remember you can find more information about each game and even videos to show you how to play at



We look forward to seeing the photos and video clips of you taking part.


Have fun, stay safe.

Siwmae Dosbarth Llwyfen!


I hope you all enjoyed you all enjoyed your Easter, even though it was inevitably much different to previous years!

Like before the Easter holidays, I will be posting tasks daily (weekdays) using Microsoft Teams for the next few weeks. You can ask me questions using Microsoft Teams about the learning tasks that I've set or about anything else that you want / need to know! It is the easiest way for us all to keep in contact!


If you have not logged into Microsoft Teams yet, there is guidance below on this page. Should you have any problems, email me at


Parents - Please complete the questionnaire (link below) to help us support you in the best way possible.


Hwyl fawr, 


Mr Dainham.



What makes you happy?


Work packs have been made available for all children. Alongside these activities your children can also work on reading a variety of different books, reference books, magazines etc. Learning their times tables, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations and problems.   

If you'd like to access links to enhance your child's learning at home, you can use free Twinkl resources that are available to all parents. You simply create an account and use the code which is CVDTWINKLHELPS. 

Don't forget you can access a wealth of resources on BBC Bitesize KS2, BBC Primary, Topmarks, Brain Pop etc.  

This remainder of this document gives a little more detail to the tasks that I will be posting on Microsoft Teams. I will set additional tasks that help develop skills from other parts of the curriculum and will post guidance if necessary.  

Instructions to Access Microsoft Teams 

Below are instructions to follow in order to use our ‘virtual classroom’ in Hwb Teams. Here, you will be able to access some of the tasks that I set and ask questions to me if you are unsure of anything.  

Make sure that this is used in a sensible way. 

  1. Login to your hwb account.
  2. Click on Office365.
  3. Click on Teams.
  4. You will see a group named after your class, click on it. 


Guidance for adults 

Children should present their learning using just2easy on Hwb (in j2write, there are platforms to present learning as writing / animations / graphs etc.). Encourage the children to save their learning, naming it appropriately. The children have done this before but may need some guidance. If this proves difficult for any reason, use LearningLog / other paper.  

Suggested Time 

Free Reading 

Read their own choice of text, preferably with a hard copy in front of them.  

Variations of this: 

  • Try to vary the types of texts that they read (e.g. stories, reports, magazines, timetables etc.) 

  • Silent reading, reading out loud to a sibling / listening to someone else read, reading a novel together over the course of a couple of weeks etc.  

  • This may bring up opportunities to write in role as a character (diary), write to/from a character (letter), rewrite a story in your own words, create a prequal / sequel to a story etc.  

30 mins

Activelearn Maths 


(personal logins given) 

These activities will help them consolidate their understanding of number and calculation. I will post on the school website which activities to complete and in which order.  


They should complete these activities with some paper and a pencil/pen (use Learning Logs if necessary). They should have a go at the activity on paper, then self-assess their answers.  

If all their answers are correct, they should choose one answer, and prove how they know it’s correct.  

If some of their answers are correct, choose one of their incorrect answers and explain the error that they made. How are they going to try and make sure that they don’t make this error again? This may or may not require a conversation with an adult.  

If most answers are incorrect, have a chat with them to see where their misconceptions are. Ensure that they are in a situation where they can think back to what they do know, and not focus on the elements of the question that they don’t know (we talk about this a lot in class).  



They will also get Problem Solving Investigations, which will be a document with numbered challenges. Children should work through these (preferably with an adult) as far as they can get.  


Each screen should take 10 mins 

(including analysing their answers using the questions given) 



Driving Tests should take 15 mins 










Problem Solving Investigations 50 mins 

Spelling list 


A spelling list will be posted every week. 

Daily activity using spelling list: 

  • Dictionary Definitions Look up the word in a dictionary (preferably a hard copy rather than online). Write down the definition.  

  • Sentences Write a sentence that contains the words in your list 

  • Handwriting Practise writing the sentences that you wrote yesterday in your neatest handwriting. 

  • Verbal test Test the children at remembering each spelling word as a conversation (no pen and paper) 

  • Written test  Test the children at remembering each spelling word formally, on paper.  

25 mins for each activity 


Use the logins given to access the website.  

The children have been allocated books and two tasks relating to those books.  

I will post instructions of which books to read and tasks to complete. 


When reading a book for the first time, read it twice to ensure it is understood. Encourage the children to use their Guided Reading strategies.  

“How do we read?” Out loud, with expression.  

“What do we do if we’re not sure what the word says?” Look at the sounds, make the sounds, blend the sounds together.  

“What do we do if we don’t know what the word means?” Read the sentence and the sentences around it for clues. Think about what word class it is. Think about what words would make sense in its place. 


Reading Test Questions - 

These are comprehension questions to be answered after reading the book. When complete, have another go at the questions that you didn’t answer correctly. This may/may not require a conversation with an adult. 


Higher Order Thinking Skills questions -  

Each new type of question should be answered in more detail than the last.  



Re-write the story - 

Use their own words to re-write the story that they read. 








20 mins reading 










30 mins Reading Test Questions  




30 mins Higher Order Thinking Skills 




Re-write the story 60 mins 

Writing Task 

I will set activities that will build up throughout a week.  

30mins – 1 hour each