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Good morning Dosbarth Gwern 😊


Wednesday 10th June


Carrying on from yesterday’s work on writing our letter. Today I have written you a letter

                                                                                                                       Dosbarth Gwern,

                                                                                                                          Oaklands Primary School,






                                                                                                               Wednesday 10th June 2020.


Dear Dosbarth Gwern,

   I hope you are all keeping safe and staying in. And when you do go out what do you have to remember to do?

   It is a very strange time, but at least we can spend some lovely time with our families. What is the best thing about staying home? And what things have you got up to with your families?

   It is a long time since we were all together in school, and I am missing seeing everyone’s smiling faces and hearing all of your lovely stories. If you could tell me one piece of news what would it be?

  Since we have been off school I don’t think I have ever made so many cakes. My favourite cake is a chocolate sponge cake, with real chocolate buttons in it. It also has a fudge, gooey topping and is  in the middle of my cake too. Have you been cooking at all? What things have you been making? Can you tell me about them and describe them to me? What would you like to make?

  I hope it won’t be too long until we are all together again and back in school with each other. We must all remember to stay safe and to look after each other.

Love from,

Mrs Bird x

I would like you to write me a reply, answering the questions and setting it out correctly. Have you any questions that you would like to ask me?

This term we are going to be reading 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King-Smith. The book is available to read on the link below (I have borrowed it from the online library until 11th June plese read it)


We are going to have a look at some graphs today. Here is a graph to show how children travel to school. Each disc is worth 2 children, so what would half a disc be worth???



  1. How many children travel by car?
  2. Which way do 12 children travel by?
  3. How many children travel by bus?
  4. Which is the most popular way to travel?
  5. Which is the least popular way to travel?
  6. How many children travel by car and bike altogether?
  7. How many more travel by car than walking?
  8. How many were in the class altogether?