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Read Superworm before you start.

Can you remember all the different things Superworm turned into?  Tell a family member?

Can you put them in the correct order?

Once you have finished pick your favourite part of the story.


My favourite part is the animals hatching a cunning plan.



Well done for all your hard work on big and small this week.

Lets finish the week having fun with bubbles. Go into the garden and blow lots of bubbles. You decide if they are big or small.

If you do not have bubble mixture try making some.


Washing up liquid and water.


Continue to take daily exercise safely. Below is this weeks activity for you to try, also make up some of your own exercises and have fun with all the family. 


I hope everyone has had a good week and enjoyed all the activities. No pressure to complete all tasks, please dip in and out as it best suits your family. Remember to email your pictures so we can add them to our gallery. Have a fab weekend smiley