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Learn the sound, practise blending the word. 

Remember if you need to reinforce last weeks sounds please continue with those.


Group 1  I n p g o        -    tip pan gap dig top sit got pin and
Group 2       f e l h sh        -   met set fan fun fat lip log let had log ship                                                    
Group 3  ch                  -    chin chop chat chip


Below is a chart showing the rhyme for each letter. This will help with letter formation. Try and practise letter formation daily concentrating on the letters and words from your group. Remember there are lots for different ways to practise, e.g. pencils, pens, chalk, paint, sand, water.


Ask an adult to draw lots of webs and write a number from 1-10 on the top. This could be done on paper, card or chalk. I would like you to look at the number and draw the correct amount of spiders on each web.

You could even try numbers 10-11 if ready.



Have a go making this game. You could use scrunched paper for the spiders.

Try to get the spiders out without touching the wool. You can use hands, tweezers, pegs etc