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Wednesday 30th September

English-On Monday all children were given their spelling words for their test on Friday. Please can all children write a sentence for each spelling word, remembering to start each sentence with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.

A reminder of spelling words, your child knows what group they are in.

Week 3

Group 1

May day say pay

Group 2

sharp part hard start star car

Group 3

right fight might bright light high

Group 4

spoke phone broke note hope home


Today we are going to be looking at the symbols for greater than > and less than < (remember the crocodile eats the biggest number)

eg 657>342

Please try your best, you could try with smaller numbers and then try some on the sheet.

  1. 12___23
  2. 8___7
  3. 14___21
  4. 12____10
  5. 9____16



Topic-The Romans

Today we are looking at Roman numerals and how the romans didn’t use numbers but used letters.


Now try to answer the following questions.

Good luck and just do your best 😊