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Hi Dosbarth Bedwen. Hope your all enjoying the tasks. Remember just to do what you can.

Continue with the Read Write inc sounds today then Thursday and Friday I will add an English activity for you to try.


Read Write Inc.

Learn the sound, practise blending the word. 


Group 1  m a s d t - mad at sad dad sat mat
Group 2       c k u b - bin cat cot can kit mud up cup bad                                                               
Group 3  sh - ship   shop   shot   shin   shut    fish     dish    wish     posh


Below is a chart showing the rhyme for each letter. This will help with letter formation. Try and practise letter formation daily concentrating on the letters and words from your group. Remember there are lots for different ways to practise, e.g. pencils, pens, chalk, paint, sand, water.


Using the flashcards you made yesterday lay them out in order on the floor. Find the correct number of objects to match each number. You could use lego, toys, pasta, crayons etc


Look in books or online at different jungles around the world. Make a picture, collage, painting of your own jungle. You could add your favourite animal from the story. My favourite would be an elephant.