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Bore da pawb 😊

Remember to do your spelling test today, as it’s a bank holiday tomorrow (VE Day), which means a day off.


Thursday 7th May




During the war lots of people received medals for acts of bravery. Can you design your own medal for a British soldier to acknowledge their role in the war.

Continuing with our work looking at activities to do with VE day. Today we are going to be thinking about and answering these questions…

  1. What is remembered on VE Day?
  2. Why do you think it is important to celebrate and recognise VE Day?
  3. How do you think VE Day should be celebrated? 

Can you answer these questions in a short paragraph.


VE Day wordsearch

Can you find the hidden words and do you know what all the words mean?  Then you could design a wordsearch of your own.



To celebrate VE day (tomorrow) you could make some cakes, using the colours red, white and blue, and share photographs of them with us. Or you could make a union jack hat and wear it tomorrow, you could make flags, a union jack collage, or design a poster about VE Day. On VE Day street parties took place all over the country to celebrat you can plan a picnic to have your very own party …… Enjoy your day off tommorrow and have fun whatever you do.