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Monday 5th October

I hope you all had a good weekend despite the wet weather. I hope you’re spelling tests went well on Friday.

This weeks spelling words are

Week 4

Group 1

Ben men den then

Group 2

see  tree  free been  seen   green 

Group 3

flow  show  slow  pool  moon  food

Group 4

tune  rude  huge  short  sport  horse

Please can you put these words into your own sentences-remembering to start with a capital letter and ending with a full stop. Try using a name in each sentence, remembering it has a capital letter.


Today we are going to be carrying on with adding and subtracting.

Starting with 4 +15=

Ask the children to try to work out the answer 

Add up the 4 +9 first, then add on the 10

Try some similar sums up to 30 first.

If your child feels ready move onto the next sums. If not just work on addition/subtraction sums up to 20.

Next have the children to work out 34 + 25 =.

Discuss answers and ask children to explain how they solved it. Did they count on two 10s then add the 5 or did they just know 30 + 20 is 50 and 4 + 5 = 9?

Talk about how there are different ways of answering and encourage children to use the way that works for them. Emphasise how quick and easy it is if you know number facts, e.g. 4 + 5 = 9.

Remind the children they need to solve it in the way they feel happiest. Show the 100 square. Remind children to count on if they are adding or count back if they are subtracting.


Just do what you can.




 Topic-The Romans

Can you find out some information about the types of houses the Romans lived in. Can you draw a picture of a Roman house and label it.