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Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. We are definitely being spoilt with the beautiful weather. Each day I will be posting some work for you all to have a go at, mostly English and Maths and 2  challenges to try throughout the week.

 Please just do what you can and then either saving your work on hwb in your child’s folder or doing it on paper.

Any problems at all please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing me on

This is still new for all of us and we are all learning. So just try your best.  😊


Monday 27th April

English   This term our new book is Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White. Please could you try to continue reading the new book, or/and watch the film. You can read the book for free on 


Spelling words

Please put these words into sentences, using correct punctuation (capital letters to start a sentence, for names and places etc full stops, ask questions using a question mark ? you could use speech marks with ‘’ …’’ said ____ )

Group 1- hope  note  coke   joke  home  woke

Group 2- cap  gap  lap   clap  dap  tap

Group  3- home  hope  spoke  note  broke  phone

Group 4- pure  sure  cure  picture  mixture  future

Group 5- short u sound-woman  discover  another  shovel  above another

 (Remember to learn the words for a test at home on Friday)



This week we’re going to be going over our tables. Practise saying your tables, having tables tests. See if you can find any good times table games maybe online or not,and share with us. Try some of the sums below.....



Other games/homework sheets are available on


Reading-There is also a choice of reading books on and questions associated with the texts



This week on Thursday 30th April it is Captain Tom Moore’s birthday. Can you find out any information about him and why is he famous?

Can you make him a birthday card and share it with us. You could then send it to him.  If we send it to his local post office they will then pass them onto him.


Captain Tom Moore,

c/o Marston Moretaine Post Office,

67 Bedford Road,

Marston Moretaine,