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Read Write Inc. Learn the sound, practise reading and spelling the words. 
Children should remember which group of sounds they are learning. If there are any problems don’t hesitate to email me. 

Set 1 sound and words   ng -      sing      wing      king      bring       thing
Set 2 sound and words       oo -      too       food      moon      zoo     pool    spoon                                                                 
Set 3 sound and words   o-e -     home        hope    spoke      note      broke      phone 

Can you put the words into a sentence?


Today I would like you to collect up some containers in your home, such as buckets, cups, plastic bottles. Ask an adult or a sibling to tell you how much water to put in.

E.g Full, half full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty.

Challenge - can you order them from the least amount of water to the most and make a label for each?



Topic -make a photo frame

Maybe u could stick your frame onto some card, draw a picture and give it to a family member or friend you are missing during this time. Remember to keep safe!