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Read Write Inc. Learn the sound, practise reading and spelling the words. 
Children should remember which group of sounds they are learning. If there are any problems don’t hesitate to email me. 

Set 1 sound and words   ch - chip    chop       chin        chat     chick
Set 2 sound and words       igh -  might    light     sight     night         fright                                                                
Set 3 sound and words   a-e - shake   name     same     save     brave      late

Can you put  the words into a sentence?


Practise number bonds to 10. Below is a game you can do at home to help you. 

Challenge - now do number bonds to 20.


We are all experiencing a very unusual and difficult time at the moment.  It’s important that we talk to the people around us. 

How are you feeling, what are you thankful for and what can’t you wait to do when all his is over?

Maybe ask an adult the questions also.