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Thursday 30th April


English This term our new book is Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White. Please could you try tocontinue reading the new book, or/and watch the film. You can read the book for free on          

We are carrying on with our storyboard all about chapter 1. We are just splitting chapter 1 into 6 main points. The 6 main events that happen and then writing about them, remembering correct punctuation. Can you add some speech that the characters could say, remember your speech marks. Then you can draw some lovely pictures about the key events, and remember to colour the pictures in. Then share with us please.




Today we are carrying on with our times tables work.



Then you could play your times table games online


Reading-There is also a choice of reading books on and questions associated with the texts.



Can you write secret messages to your parents,brothers or sisters or any member of your family??????

Amaze them by showing them how they can read it.