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Read Write Inc. 

Today I would like you to try and write some of the green words you were reading yesterday. In school we make this fun by doing rainbow write where you can write the word over and over again in different colours. Or use a dice and make it fun as shown below.


Try to write these green words starting at 1.1 then move on if you can do them. Remember if you are finding a letter difficult use the rhymes to help you and practise that letter in lots of different colours. 



Today I would like you to play a game with a member of your household. Ask them to say a number and an item and you have to go and collect it. For example 3 socks, 6 pencils. You could even play the game outside and collect leaves and stones etc. Practise writing the number of items you got also to keep up with your number formation. Remember to make learning fun!!!!


Today I would like you to have a look around your home or outside in your garden for different materials. Either make a list, draw a picture or just talk about what materials you can find and what use it has.