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Relationships and Sexuality Education

As part of our Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) at Oaklands the children take part in a wide range of activities which help them to develop healthy relationships with the world around them, provide them with challenges and the tools and help when they need support. 


Browse through and you will see our visitors from Spectrum, NSPCC, Big Foot Theatre and members of the local community. 


Pupils enjoy lots of food and cooking as part of our topic work, there is always a waiting list for cooking club and they especially enjoy being selected for the golden table on a Friday! 


As part of our SEAL work we will explore relationships and talk about the different kinds that children experience for example, between members of their family and friends at home and school.  Children learn how to get along and will have opportunities to talk about what happened when things go wrong for example, arguing with their friends or feeling upset with someone.  We will explore strategies to help them deal with their emotions and understand their feelings.