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Good morning all 😊


Friday 15th May

Remember to try your spelling test today, and let me know how you did 😊


English  Please continue reading our book Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White and watch the film. You can read the book for free on          

Wordsearch-Can you complete the wordsearch and think of sentences for each word?


Today we’re going to try some problem solving activities, they are quite tricky. Read the questions carefully……and just do your best 😊

Looking at question 1 Kate buys 5 grapefruits at 30p each.

So we need to make a sum 5x30=  150  (Remember 5 x 3 = 15   will help)

Then we have to take this answer away from  £2. Remember to keep the amounts either in £ (pounds)  or p (pence)


£ 2 . 0  0              or            2  0  0

-£ 1 . 5 0                           -  1  5  0

--------------                           ----------

Remember to add in columns starting from the right, and remember the decimal point stays in the same column.

2. We need to find out how many matches there are in a pack. Matchboxes hold 50 matches. They are sold in packs of 5 boxes. So….

5 0 x 5 = __        (Remember 5 x 5 =__     will help)     

Then we need to work out how many of the above answer makes 1000?


3. There are 40 seats in each circus row. How many people can sit in 3 row? 4 0 X 3=___

But there’s not enough seats for all of the people  Then we need to work out how how many don’t have seats out of the 140?



4. The giant grows 20cm every week, he is 310cm tall to start with. In 4 weeks he will grow

4 x 2 0cm = ___   How tall will he then be?

Remember to add it to the 310cm.   310+ ____=____


Enjoy your weekend, relax and have fun.  Let me know what you get up to 😊