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27th November 2020 (Due 4th December)

The Victoria Sponge cake was one of the queen's favorites. After her husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861, the Queen would spend time at Osborn Houseat the Isle of Wight. Historians say that it was here that the Victoria Sponge Cake was named after Queen Victoria.


In honour of our work on The Victorians your challenge is to follow the instructions and make a Victoria sponge.


Take a photo of yourself and your finished cake! Hmmmm Tasty! You can post the picture on Teams or tweet it on Twitter ( @oaklandsprimary ) or email it to class 


Happy Baking!!!! 


Get Baking BBC Children in Need-Mery Berry's-Victorian Sandwich.mpg

Get Baking BBC Children in Need-Mery Berry's-Victorian Sandwich

13.11.20 Homework 


For your homework challenge this week, watch both the videos below and then complete your competition entry for the Santa Sleigh Challenge. You will be designing a new sleigh for Santa that is eco friendly and efficient. 



Homework Sheet for your designs

Help Santa Save the North Pole! A Christmas Video

Hurry! Santa needs help! Can you help Santa? Join in the challenge at Our Christmas video, Help Santa Save the North Pole, inspires ...

Inventions for Santa's Sleigh!

You can submit your ideas at

23.10.20 Half-term homework

Over half term there are some new spooky books available on Giglets so take a look and enjoy reading them together. 


Also, there are some games to help keep your maths skills tip top! So have a go at Get the Yeti! and Marching Madness on Abacus. 



16th October: Harvest class song 

Please help your child to learn our class song for Harvest next week. Many thanks 😊 

Cauliflowers Fluffy | Paintbox | Vegetable | Harvest | Kids Song | Made by Red Cat Reading

You are watching ""Cauliflowers Fluffy"" a super fun colour and vegetable song for teaching harvest, created by Red Cat Reading. Sing, dance and play to kids...

9th October (due 16th October) 


Create Queen Victoria’s family tree. UseWord and submit on Teams. Or draw pictures, print pictures and create your own on paper or in your homework book. Include names and pictures and lines to join them. 

18th September (Due by the 25th September)