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We all know the story of "Little Red Riding Hood". I want you to pretend you are Red Riding Hood. Get an adult to ask you questions and practise answering "in role" as Red Riding Hood. Think about the story and what she would answer. 

Go for a walk and collect stones, leaves, etc. Get an adult to give you number sentences using the x2,x3,x5 and x10 multiplication tables. eg 3x5, 2x10 etc. Use the things you have collected to visually represent the number sentences and find the answer. 


eg, 6x2=? 

the first number "6" is the number of groups, 

the second number "2" is the number in each group, 

use stones to set out the groups (6 rows of 2 stones), 

find the answer. 


Hopefully it will be another sunny day. Get and adult to help you to chalk around your shadow at around 10:00 am. Mark the spot where you stood. Then, at around 2:00pm and 4:00pm do the same thing and look how your shadow has changed during the day. You haven't changed shape or size, so can you think of any reasons why your shadow might have changed?