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Read Write Inc. Learn the sound, practise reading and spelling the words. 

 I am also going to be putting in daily red words (tricky words which you can’t sound out and blend) for you to learn to read and spell. 

Set 1 sound and words 

puppet    bucket    carrot    rabbit    cannot   

recap - th     ch      sh      qu       ng         nk                                                
 recap on red words reading and spelling - your      said    you

Set 2 sound and words   

Recap on oo - zoo     pool    spoon    too     food   moon

Recap on oo - cook    book    shook   took    look    foot   

Red words call   she   we                                           

Set 3 sound and words 

ire - fire     wire     hire      bonfire     inspire      conspire

Red words - so    old    one 

Can you put the words into a sentence?


Today I would like you to practise coin recognition and adding amounts. You could make a coin pair game or a coin bingo game below are some examples you can make at home or print out. Have fun!!!!!!


Well done to everyone who managed to get sunflower seeds and plant them on Monday. If you haven't already hopefully you will be able to soon. I would like you to keep a weekly record of how your sunflower is doing by drawing what you can see and then measuring the height of your sunflower as it grows. As Mrs Jones said we could have a competition to see who grows the tallest sunflower in our class. Below is an example of how could set it out.