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Hi Everyone.

RWI will be the focus for English on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday I will set a language activity. This will give opportunity to practise new skills and also reinforce RWI sounds and words.




I hope you have enjoyed reading the story, "Walking through the Jungle" this week. I am sure you have read through a few times when completing all your tasks. Now have a go re-telling the story independently. Turn yourself into the teacher and read to your family.


Pick a number game you have at home and play with your family. Reinforce all the numbers you have been practising this week.

Snakes and ladders is a lovely game to reinforce numbers and if you do not have it at home it can be really fun to make.


I hope everyone has enjoyed the activities this week. The most important thing is to remember to stay safe and also happy. Make a list together of what makes you happy and sad at this difficult time. Talking about what makes us feel anxious always helps.




Have a fab weekend Dosbarth Bedwen!