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Dosbarth Llwyfen

This half term, our class will be having football sessions run by the Cardiff City coaches on Thursdays. This will start on Thursday 5th November. Please ensure that the children are wearing appropriate clothing for physical activity, including tracksuit bottoms and trainers, on Thursdays and Mondays. We will not be ‘changing’ for PE.


Mr Dainham.

My name is Mr Dainham and I will be teaching Dosbarth Llwyfen (Class 4) this academic year. I am looking forward to spending the year helping the children grow into the best young people that they can be.


This September, ‘Back to school’ will look a little different. The children will enter the classroom via the external doors (opposite the basketball funnel). Please queue patiently with your child, using the socially distanced markers on the floor of the playground (next to the walls). I will greet the children at the doors and welcome them into class! When picking up your child, please queue using the socially distanced markers again, which will allow me to dismiss all children in the safest possible way.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are unsure about anything. Unfortunately, I will not be able to have conversations at the doors, please email any information that you’d like to share to


Literacy and Numeracy - We begin our school year by learning about Michael Rosen’s adaption of ‘Aesop’s Fables’. We will learn about the morals of each fable, perform and write our own version of the fables and fables of our own.

In Numeracy we will be consolidating our understanding of place value within number as well as our understanding of calculation.


Topic - Our topic this term is The Tudors. We will be looking at the beginning and end of the family’s rule over the country, the members of the family themselves and other aspects of Tudor life.


Homework - All children will be given two homework tasks every fortnight. This will be given out every other Friday, and is expected completed within one week. It will be given, as previously, in the child’s individual Learning Log as well as via an ‘Assignment’ on Microsoft Teams. Please try to complete the homework online via Microsoft Teams, as this will develop the children’s ability to access blended learning (learning in the traditional way and online). The Learning Log is to be used if you’re having difficulty accessing Microsoft Teams.


Reading - Children will take books (including Oxford reading tree and books from our class library) home with them this term, although this will not be in the first two weeks. I will make books available on giglets to access at home.

Reading is such a valuable skill and we hope that you will support reading by listening to your child regularly at home and helping them to select other reading material e.g. magazine/library books.


Multiplication Tables - A useful skill to support your child’s numeracy development is encouraging the learning of their times tables. This does not necessarily mean practising writing them down on paper. Try finding real life of times tables e.g. the windows of a building are in 3 rows of 4 (3 x 4 = 12).


Fruit - Children can bring a piece of fruit with them to eat at break time, but there will be no fruit trolley.


Dinner money - Dinner money is £2.55 per day (£12.75 weekly). Please pay online.


P.E. will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure that the children are wearing appropriate clothing for physical activity, including tracksuit bottoms and trainers, on these days. We will not be ‘changing’ for PE.


Thank you,


Mr Dainham.