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Read Write Inc.


1 - Practise the sound 'c' from the above cards.

2 - How many objects can you find in your house beginning with 'c'.



1 - Ask a family member to write numbers 1-6 on separate pieces of card

2- Roll a dice and put the correct number of fruit onto a plate

3 - Choose the correct number card to go next to the plate

The Joy of Moving

This Wednesday we will be holding a sports festival with a difference!  With us all being at home and away from school at the moment, it has been more difficult than usual to get active.  The Joy of Moving Festival is aimed at getting us all active and having fun along the way.  Join in the fun with your family this Wednesday 20th May. 

We would love to see some pictures of you taking part.



Make a Hungry Caterpillar bracelet.

Your will need

Pasta - Paint it green

Pipe cleaner or wool

Red card cut into circles with a hole punched in the middle.


Don't forget to send me a picture of your bracelet.