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Learn the sound, practise blending the word. 

Remember if you need to reinforce last weeks sounds please continue with those.


Group 1  I n p g o        -    tip pan gap dig top sit got pin and
Group 2       f e l h sh        -   met set fan fun fat lip log let had log ship                                                    
Group 3  ch                  -    chin chop chat chip


Below is a chart showing the rhyme for each letter. This will help with letter formation. Try and practise letter formation daily concentrating on the letters and words from your group. Remember there are lots for different ways to practise, e.g. pencils, pens, chalk, paint, sand, water.


This week we will be talking about Big and Small.

Walk around your home and garden and find as many big objects as you can. Now go back around and this time find as many small objects as you can. Sort them into two sets labelled big and small. You might need to add a medium set!

Remember to put all the objects back where you found them and not leave them out for mam or dadsmiley





Read the story, "Superworm" by Julia Donaldson


Go on a worm hunt in the garden. If you are brave enough gently hold a worm. Talk about how it feels. Make a list of words to describe it.  If you are unable to find one, How do you think if would look and feel?

We enjoy singing this song in school.

Sing it at home with your family.


Below are a few extra craft activities if you have time.