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Thursday 1st October

Today we are going to read a story called ‘The Friendly Witch’ then we are going to answer some questions on the story. All of the answers are in the story. (Questions can be answered on paper and a photo taken and emailed to me, or if you want to type the answers on a word document and then emailed to me)


Today we are going to be looking at adding and taking away. We can use the 100 square below to help us. Todays work will make us more familiar with the 100 square. Adding on 10 and taking away 10’s.

  1. 24+___ =44

Start by finding 24 on the 100 square.

Then find 44.

Each jump down is worth 10, so by jumping down from 24 to 34 (10) and then to 44 =20 altogether. Draw your answers on the 100 square to help you.


Remember when you take away you jump backwards (up)


Have a go and try your best😊


As we are now nearing Harvest time think of some words to do with Harvest. Can you put them into sentences in this acrostic poem . Eg. H is for Harvest time that we celebrate each year.