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Read Write Inc. Learn the sound, practise reading and spelling the words. 
Children should remember which group of sounds they are learning. If there are any problems don’t hesitate to email me. 

The children on set 2 sounds are now starting set 3 sounds. If your child still has gaps in their set 2 sounds then please continue to work on these sounds before moving on. 


Set  3 sound and words   ea- clean  dream  seat  scream  real  
Set 3 sound and words       oa  - goat    boat  road  throat toast coat                                    
Set 3 sound and words 

 review oa  - goat    boat  road  throat toast coat

High frequency words: me this down

Can you make up a sentence for each of your words?


A multiple of 10 is a number you say when you count in 10's, (10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80 etc)

Practise adding multiples of 10 to a number. eg 56 + 30

81+ 10, 54+ 40 etc. Use a 100 square if you need to, if you really want to challenge yourself then try adding a multiple so that your answer is in the hundreds, eg 93 + 50= 


Research a Welsh seaside town. Make a mind map with pictures, titles, key words to help you remember the information you find out.