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Think about the cover of a story book for children. What do you notice about the cover? Talk with an adult about the key features (big, bold title, name of the author/illustrator, a picture associated with the book etc). Can you design a cover for a book called "The Pirate who Lost his Ship". You don't know the story so you need to use your imagination (together with the information you know about pirates) to design a cover that is plausible for the title.


Your problem solving task today is to get both sides of the balance beam to balance by getting answers of the same value, eg 30 +10=40 , 20+20=40 etc.  

Have a go for the examples in the picture above. If you can do this then challenge yourself to use different signs, 

eg 60-10=50, 40+10=50 or

eg, 10x2 = 20, 30-10=20 etc