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Friday 9th October 


Today I would like everyone to try their spelling test. Please mix the words up, and see how many you get correct. Good luck 


Today is also Big Maths Test Day. Please try the tests for the level you are on.

Remember the first tests are timed. 
level 1 -20 seconds

Level 2-30 seconds. 

The next tests have no time limit. Please let your child do the tests on their own, without any help. When completed you may then go over the correct answers. 

For level 1 in the first blue  box please write the number 6.

Level 2


Today we are going to think about speech marks. Remember they are like 66 and 99. We use speech marks only when someone says something. 
eg ‘’ I love chocolate’’ said Charlie Bucket. 
Mr Willy Wonka said ‘’Welcome to my Chocolate Factory’’.
Can you think of 6 sentences that any of the characters might say in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. 
Remember characters names need capital letters.