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Read the story, "What the ladybird heard" by Julia Donaldson.

Re-read the story but this time look for all the rhyming words. Discuss what a rhyming word is. ( A word which sounds similar or the same)

Make a list of the rhyming words you found. The matching game below will help.


Well done everyone. You have been working hard on one more and one less than a number. Lets finish the week with the activity below. Write a number in the middle box then think about one more and one less than that number. Write these numbers either side.


Keeping fit and healthy is important. Today I would like you to complete the 8 minute workout below. Have fun get everyone involved in your home and make up some of your own exercises. 

I hope everyone has had a good week and is staying safe at home. Remember to send me pictures of your work. I love to see them! Have a lovely weekend everyone smiley