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Read Write Inc. Learn the sound, practise reading and spelling the words. 
Children should remember which group of sounds they are learning. If there are any problems don’t hesitate to email me. 

Set 1 sound and words  nk - think     wink      sink       link       stink
Set 2 sound and words       oo - took         book        cook          look        shook      foot                                                            
Set 3 sound and words   u-e - tune         rude       huge        brute        use          June

Can you put the words into a sentence?


Find 3 different containers in your home. Have a guess (estimate) how many yoghurt pots of water it would take to fill each container. If you haven’t got a yogurt pot use a small cup.  Now count how many it takes. Was your guess close? Which one holds the most?





As our topic is round and round the garden this term. I would like you to design your ideal garden. Draw a picture of it, what plants or insects would you find in your garden? What else would you put in your garden? Make it as colourful as you can.  Label your garden and email me a picture.