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Today you are going to be practising hot seating (asking questions and answering in role) again. Get an adult to pretend to be the wolf from the story "Little Red Riding Hood". You need to ask them questions from the story and they need to answer in role. Think carefully about the story before you ask your questions.  


Get an adult to collect objects, eg stones. Get them to set out sets using the objects (like you did yesterday). You then need to write the number sentence for the sets. Remember you write down, how many sets and then how many in each set. Then find the answer. 


The captain of a pirate ship is the person who gets to decide what punishment the pirates on the ship get if they break the rules. Research pirate punishments to find some examples of the type of things they did.

Imagine you are the captain of a pirate ship. Write a list of punishments to suit different crimes, eg answering the captain back-locked in the hull for 8 hours, stealing off another pirate-walk the plank etc.