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Read Write Inc. Learn the sound, practise reading and spelling the words. 
Children should remember which group of sounds they are learning. If there are any problems don’t hesitate to email me. 

Set 2 sound and words   ir -  girl  third  twirl  bird  whirl  dirt     
Set 3 sound and words       er- never  better  weather  after  proper  corner                                                    
Set 3 sound and words 

 er- never  better  weather  after  proper  corner

High frequency words: her  there  out

Can you make up a sentence for each of your words?


Take a set of your toys (eg, cars, dinosaurs etc). Get an adult to help you draw a graph, put the colours going across the bottom (horizontally) and numbers going up the side (vertically), allowing enough space for the size of the toy between your numbers. Create a block graph using toys. Get an adult to ask you questions such as "which toy colour is the most popular/least popular?" , "how many more red dinosaurs are there than blue dinosaurs?" etc. 


We have been learning about pirates. Can you use junk (old boxes, empty bottles etc) to design and make a pirate ship. Have fun and remember to give it a pirate flag!