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Daily Work


Whilst school is closed, the best way for us to work and learn together is on our Microsoft Team.  However, just in case you are having problems logging on to your Hwb or Microsoft Team, every day, I will also drop the work I have set for you here.  As I mentioned before, if you are having any problems and need a helping hand, e mail me on my e mail address and I will get back to you.


Stay safe,


Mr Zaplatynski

Summer Term


Hello everybody, shw mae,


 I hope you all had a lovely Easter, but most importantly you are safe and well.


With school still closed at the moment, we will continue to be learning from home.  Every day, I will continue to set interesting and fun tasks for you to complete.  These tasks are posted on our class Microsoft Teams page.  I have posted below, instructions as a reminder to you on how to join in the fun.  In addition to this, I will continue to set tasks for you using Giglets and Abacus.


If you are having any problems logging on to Hwb, Giglets or Abacus, message me on the e mail address below and I will get back to you to help you out.


I look forward to seeing you all in our virtual classroom on the Microsoft Teams page.


Stay safe, hwyl,


Mr Zaplatynski

Children's Access to Microsoft Teams "How To".

Can all pupils please remember to log on to their Hwb accounts and the Microsoft Team page to receive daily updates and tasks to complete.  I will be looking forward to continuing our learning at home and checking in with you all to see how we are all getting on.  Use the short "how to" posted above to make sure you can get logged on to join in the fun!


Education at Home


Work packs have been made available for all children. Alongside these activities your children can also work on reading a variety of different books, reference books, magazines etc. Learning their times tables, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums and problems. Children can keep a diary recording each day events. Researching a person, country or animal and creating a scrap book, ibook (using book creator on an ipad) a pic collage etc. Handwriting practise ensuring correct letter formation and good presentation.

The children have been given usernames and passwords for their account on the active learn website. It is a great resource that helps them to revise and practice their maths skills that have been taught in class.

The aim is that they play different Maths games and earn themselves rewards. The games will be differentiated and set at your child's level. Could you please encourage your child to play these games on a regular basis.

All children have been given passwords and usernames for this website. It allows all children to access a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to read. It then allows the children's knowledge and understanding of the text to be enhanced through a variety of questions.


If you'd like to access links to enhance your child's learning at home you can use free Twinkl resources that are available to all parents. You simply have to create an account and use the code which is CVDTWINKLHELPS.


All children have also been provided with their HWB password and username which they can log onto to access a whole variety of work eg J2E, Microsoft word, powerpoint, EXCEL etc.


Don't forget you can access a wealth of resources on BBC Bitesize KS2, BBC Primary, Topmarks, Brain Pop etc There are lots of very good websites available. 


Mrs Bird


Welcome to Dosbarth Helyg's Class Website Page.


We are a class of 30 happy and hard working pupils!


  • Our PE day is on a Wednesday every week.

  • Homework is given out on a two weekly cycle.  Friday of week one is when a task is set with the work due on Friday of week two.

  • We have a Big Maths Test every Friday.

  • Reading books are changed when a new one is required, but children are encouraged to read a book per week or every two weeks as the length of book increases.

  • Dinners cost £2.50 per day.


Autumn Term 2019


Read on for more information about what we are doing this term:



This term in Literacy your child will be working on a number of genres. We shall be looking at the key features of and having a go at creating: biographies, autobiographies, interviews, poetry and Welsh myths.



This term in Numeracy your child will be focussing on place value up to five digits and two decimal places, mental multiplication strategies, time, length and perimeter, subtracting up to four digits, multiples and factors, comparing fractions and finding equivalents, multiplying and dividing up to four digits, measuring angles, rounding numbers as well as focussing on everyday math problems. In addition to this we will have our Big Maths tests.



Our topic in Science this term is Healthy Living. As part of this unit we will be looking at Interdependence of organisms, finding the names, positions, functions and relative sizes of a human’s main organs, focussing on the need for exercise for human good health as well as looking at effect on the body of some drugs, e.g. alcohol, solvents, tobacco.



We will be learning the language patterns associated with time (amser) during our Welsh session this year. Examples of language patterns we will be using include, faint o’r gloch? (What is the time) and faint o’r gloch wyt ti’n ….? (What time do you…?)



Our two areas of learning in ICT this term are “We are Bloggers” and “We are Artists”. In the first unit pupils will be looking at the skills required to set up and manage a blog. The second unit will see pupils use a range of software packages that will require them to create geometric art.



Our topic in class this term is Celebrations. Whilst the children’s enthusiasm and imagination will guide the topic, we will be covering different religious celebrations, planning a celebration, creating a celebration TV “commercial”. The aim of our topic lessons is to develop our pupils literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in a fun and interesting way.



This term we will be working on our dance skills. Linked to our Celebrations topic, we will be creating a performance with the theme of “A Celebration”.



The focus of our RE lessons will be Communities this term. In this unit children will have the opportunity to study Christian religious communities. Children will investigate the place of worship and the role it plays in the religious community.



Our music sessions focus on the recorder in Year Five. This term we will be concentrating on the skills required to read music and play as part of a small group.



Using Native American Art as our inspiration, this term we will be designing and creating our own totem poles.



Our topic this term will be focussing at creating a product that will be designed and created by our pupils to be sold at our Christmas Fayre.