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Friday 1st May

Remember to try your spelling test today, and let me know how you did 😊


English This term our new book is Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White. Please could you try tocontinue reading the new book, or/and watch the film. You can read the book for free on          

We should be completing our storyboard all about chapter 1. We are just splitting chapter 1 into 6 main points. The 6 main events that happen and then writing about them, remembering correct punctuation. Can you add some speech that the characters could say, remember your speech marks. Then you can draw some lovely pictures about the key events, and remember to colour them in.



Today we’re carrying on going over our times tables with our special machine. We put the numbers in and then we times the numbers by 2, 3, 3 and 4.

Have a try 😊


eg  1. 6 x 2 = 12  and so on.....


Remember the outputs are the numbers that come out. So you have to work out what number went in.

6. _ x 2 = 8

7. _ x 2 = 100

8. _ x 2 = 14

 9. _ x 2 = 30

Don’t let it catch you out, check if you need to find the inputs (the number that went in) or the outputs (the number that came out)



10. 5 x 3 =

11. 8 x 3 =

12. 4 x 3 =

13. 7 x 3  =

14. 9 x 3 =


And now something fun for the weekend....a chocolate quiz. Can you work out what chocolate bars these are? Answers will be given on Monday   


Enjoy your weekend, relax and have fun.  Let me know what you get up to 😊