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I have assigned a book on giglets for you to do today its a non-fiction book called bugs and insects. There is no words just pictures. You can either complete the task on giglets or use the pictures and answer the questions below. 

Can you name all the creatures in the pictures?

Where would you find them?

What do you think they eat?

How do they move?

How is this bug or insect same or different to another?

Talk to an adult about these questions and choose one insect and write down the answers to the questions. 



There are more bugs and insects on the giglets site.


Today we are going to continue practising tens and ones. Below is an activity for you to write the correct 2 digit number. Maybe you can or an adult can make their own towers of tens and ones and you can write the 2 digit number for them. I have also put a game you can print out or make at home or you can write down what 2 digit numbers is in each square (the block of yellow is equal to 100).