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Read, Write Inc.

Read, Write Inc. 1


1- Can you recognise the 'p' picture cards?


2- Can you find 3 items in your house beginning with 'p'?


PE 1
Keeping fit and healthy is important. Today I would like you to complete the 8 minute workout. Have fun, get everyone involved in your home and make up some of your own exercises.


Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3


1 - Using the leaves you have collected, make a face to show how you feel today. Explain why you are happy or sad.


2 - Out of the leaves you have collected, have a go at making different animal shapes.


3 - Paint or draw different faces on leaves. Are they sad or happy?


Please send me a picture of your craft.


Enjoy these activities and have a lovely safe weekend making memories.

Mrs Griffiths