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Log into and read with an adult How plants grow.

Discuss the story and ask an adult to ask you questions on the story.

e.g. During which season does a plant grow buds?

       What happens to the leaves during autumn? 

Make a number line at home. You can do it from 1-10, 1-20, 30-40 etc. Up to you.

ask an adult to give you some addition questions and use your number line to help you. 

Children you may remember we did a little experiment involving bread to show us the importance of washing our hands. 
Picture 1 the bread was untouched.    

Picture 2 shows bread touched by hands that’s been washed with soap and water. 

Picture 3 shows bread touched by hands that’s had hand sanitiser.

Picture 4 shows bread touched by dirty hands.

Discuss with your parents what we did and look at the pictures. What can we learn from these pictures?

Design a poster or make up a song to show the importance of washing your hands. 
Send me your songs or posters.